EXTERNAL: Monetary Economics

Author: John H. Cochrane and Thomas Sargent

The substantive question we will address is this: What determines the price level in a fiat-money economy like ours? I'll focus on the fiscal theory of the price level. But we'll think about MV=PY, interest rate targets, new- and old Keynesian models, and we'll study central bank policy in the recent crisis and recession.

EXTERNAL: Lecture Notes on Graduate Macroeconomics

Author: Christopher Carroll

This is an index to lecture notes created by Christopher Carroll for graduate macroeconomics courses at Johns Hopkins University.

EXTERNAL: Lecture Notes on Graduate Macroeconomics

Author: Franck Portier

Master level general macroeconomics course.

EXTERNAL: Advanced Topics in Macroeconomics

Author: Chris Edmond

This is a second year graduate course in macroeconomics. The focus is on the aggregate implications of quantitative models of producer heterogeneity, with applications to firm dynamics, innovation and aggregate growth, cross-country income differences, and international trade.

EXTERNAL: Theories of Optimal Monetary Policy

Author: Luigi Paciello

The course studies modern theories of optimal monetary policy.

EXTERNAL: Advanced Macroeconomics

Author: Tommaso Monacelli

General reading on the role of financial frictions in macroeconomics.

EXTERNAL: Some notes on monetary economics

Author: Francesco Lippi

An introductory set of notes on various monetary models

EXTERNAL: Learning from Prices

Author: Gaetano Gaballo

A course from Toulouse School of Economics

EXTERNAL: Macro notes

Author: Ross Doppelt

Notes for graduate macroeconomics course

EXTERNAL: Lectures on Quantitative Economics

Author: Thomas Sargent and John Stachurski

This website presents a series of lectures on quantitative economic modelling using Python and Julia.

EXTERNAL: Lecture Notes on Macroeconomics

Author: Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde

This website presents a series of lecture notes on theoretical and empirical macroeconomics. Topics covered include computational methods, macroeconomics of uncertainty shocks and macroeconomics with financial frictions. In addition, notes for complete graduate and undergraduate-level courses in macroeconomics are also included.

Methods in Macroeconomic Dynamics

Author: Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi

A review of the basic macro models and the mathematical tools needed to solve them. The notes cover the following topics: (i) differential calculus and linearization, (ii) the Solow model, (iii) the Ramsey-Cass-Koopmans optimal growth model, (iv) stochastic difference equations, and (v) the basic stochastic growth model.